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Born in the United States, I grew up in the south as my father served in the military; my mother raising both my sister and I with our ethnic culture, traditions, and religious childhood.

I was born with a congenital heart defect, which means hospitals were my second home. I remember always talking to my family so openly about everything I was experiencing while growing up, there was nothing I would not hesitate to ask or talk about. However, my parents and family were not capable of understanding because they could not relate, to the degree of what I was experiencing. My mother for the longest time was in denialism, she always thought even though I was baptized that it would attract negative energies into our home our even my life. At one point, once I was old enough to truly understand myself, she then started to take me more seriously including asking her own friends to bless and protect our homes for us because of how much activity I was entangled with.

My father, of course, always dismissed the encounters as a mishap or had a scientific explanation for things what would happen. Never once did I resent either one for not knowing what I know now, nor do I blame them for handling my unique situation in such a manner. In fact, they are both why I choose to stay on this path, and cling to my purpose at such an early age.

My sister has always known and entertained who I am and what I would encounter. She was always my voice of reason when I would become terrified of things they couldn’t see or experience, but because of that we have such an amazing and rare bond.

I was about 21 when I finally started paying more attention to things and becoming more aware, reading, researching, trying to understand everything on my own without mentors. The dreams I would experience at that time were too intense, too accurate, and too realistic.

It was not until I was about 24, after I got engaged, that I kick started my self training and learning to control things in detail. I would take courses, or classes online or go to circles to learn and become more knowledgeable; also learning herbology and candle magic along the way (not an expert, just knowledgeable). I have since 2015 been a proud mother and wife.

I have done readings for my own family, but it is harder for me to read family without getting too personal (feeling their emotions and my own), for that reason I choose not to read for family as much or at all if I can help it. When my mother passed in 2019 I experienced a “fracture site” (soul would that shatters pieces of you) but I did not understand why. If I knew that death was not the end, why would I break as hard as I did. I began to ask myself if what I was going through normal or was this too also different because of who I am.

In December 2019 channeled my mother, for my father throughout her entire stay in the hospital, then as she got sicker, and once she passed. I did not truly understand how capable I was until this point, nor was I aware of how much my father understood and trusted me. Channeling my mom while she was still “alive” was the first time I had seen astral body in physical, meaning I was not in a trans- like or channeling state of consciousness. Reality hit, I truly realized I needed to help in any way I could; for me to properly do so, I had to remove my own personal emotions. I had to let go without feeling it for the sake of my mother’s soul and the family healing. Which meant I could not mourn my mothers passing as normal, it had to be done later. Which still took a while for me to accept, in fact I am still currently healing from the loss till this day, and I think it is because my ego (human mentality) refused to accept the lack of physicality. I was fighting the acceptance, until finally I decided I was punishing myself instead of living in her memory or my own truth.

Since I had stopped mediumship readings during my healing process (a year or more), I maintained my skills by doing volunteer readings and by my downloads during sleep or while channeling in meditation. When I would receive any form of download, I would write them down so I wouldn’t forget them, then research about it. Everything I now know that isn’t related to candles or herbs or even spirits has come through a download. This includes but not limited to mediumship development, paranormal encounters, Parapsychology, religion/mythology or what lead me to Omnism, Kabbalah mysticism, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Physics and Wholeness/Oneness with self, Theology, Philosophy.

I will continue to grow and never stop learning to spread truth and eclectic knowledge. I will never know everything there is to know, but I always remain humble and open to learning even from clients, students, and normal everyday life encounters with friends and family. As a mother, I actively choose to teach my babies as I go once, I know truth of the topic, I also teach them emotional awareness, and energy protection. Plenty of other mothers have reached out to me to ask for specific advice on NOT so typical encounters for their youngins. Regardless of what those individuals experience, as a family or as just the child, I have always encouraged parents to allow their child to openly express themselves and trust what their babies are telling them.

Not everything is negative, bad, or malevolent. However, I always remind them of the importance of protecting the babies and ho to advise them to help guide NOT limit their precious babies during their own journey. After all, we are so lucky and beyond blessed to even have little mini’s running around, lets remind ourselves to be grateful and humbled that they too (even as surprises) are souls just having a human experience. Protect them, but do not control them. Love them but so freely they love themselves. Guide but no longer dictate their moves, thought, or emotions… and when we become unpleased with them, let us learn to remain gentle and patient as we try to learn and understand them. By unconditionally loving and accepting them as they are, despite what or whom they are and later become.

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